Automatic Analysis of Sports Arenas. 2012-2014

The aim of this project is to develop technologies that automatically can analyse how sports arenas are being used and hereby promote a more efficient utilisation of sports facilities in Denmark and the rest of the world. Due to privacy issues we use only thermal cameras.

I have three main focus areas in this project:

1: Develop methods that can detect people and estimate the number of people over very long periods.

2: Develop methods that can recognise the type of activities, e.g. basketball, soccer, volleyball, warm-up, etc.

3: Develop methods that can estimate the activity level, both global in the arena and individual for each athlete.


The project is funded by Nordea-fonden and Lokale- og Anlægsfonden

Project web-page:


Video presentation of the work published in “Long-term Occupancy Analysis using Graph-Based Optimisation in Thermal Imagery” for CVPR 2013:




Responsive Urban Lighting. 2011-2013

This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between urban design and computer vision. The research focus is how to design beautiful, interesting, engaging types of responsive lightings and public environments.
In this project I focus on real-time tracking in urban environments, which serves as input for the light management tool.

Project web-page: